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About us

With restaurant Tabernakel we want to offer guests a total experience. A pleasant meal with matching drinks with only top products. We will always use selected regional products in our dishes, of which we know the origin. Unique products require unique treatment. That's what we want to stand for.


But what exactly is a tabernacle? Also called sacraments house, the most sacred place within a church building, it includes the wafers. Since our building is located near the beautiful stately Church of Our Lady on the market square, we would like to refer to this safe. Which brings us with a quip to our own daily bread, or food of course. Furthermore, other similarities with the Catholic Church are purely coincidental.

Steven Mispelters, Kim VanderAerschot and Bart Mispelters are at your service. With more than 30 years of combined practical experience, we are more than ever going for our goal. Providing a fine gastronomic meal in a thoughtful way is burned into our DNA. We work with ancient techniques such as fermentation in a new safe way. Textures and flavors alternate to create a nice combination in your plate. 

We hope to welcome and please you with a nice meal, a cozy get-together and a very nice experience.

See you soon!

Steven, Kim and Bart

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