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A la carte

Here we take you through our restaurant's à la carte. 

We use products that are as fresh as possible for our dishesical and of a known originng.

We do not serve à la carte on Friday evenings and Saterdagafound, our 5- or 6-course menus stthen at your disposal.

From 5 people we ask you to limit your choice to 2 different dishes. This is to guarantee a smooth service.

We are happy to adapt a dish to allergies or nutritional diets. We can also make it completely vegansch menu, we ask for this when booking (more than 2 days in advance)to pass on

Main dishes


Hazelnut, Jivara chocolate, peppermint


Guanaja and Madagascar

Our own inspiration from the famous Dame Blanche



West Country lamb

Birria, risotto, zucchini, eggplant


Rubia Galega sirloin (300gr)

Potato puffs, asparagus, tomato, Royal Belgian Caviar



Chickpea, shakshuka, feta, green pepper




Urdetxe, green pepper, potato



Sofrito, tomato, ricotta, basil


Irish Oisri oysters

Asparagus, muslin, eggplant, chickpea



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